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“Ka-Ching is a powerful and accessible documentary that clearly demonstrates how poker machines are designed to addict, the damage they do, and how unique Australia is in allowing them throughout our community, at a terrible cost.”

Meg Webb, Manager, Social Action and Research Centre, Anglicare Tasmania


“A game-changing film in the pokie debate. It leaves no doubt regarding the dangerous, addictive nature of EGMs and the ‘no win’ reality for those who use them.”

Mark Brown, Tasmanian Director, Australian Christian Lobby


“Not just the story of the human misery caused by addiction to poker machines, Pokie Nation investigates the work of the mathematicians, musicians and designers who pour all their brilliance into making sure people keep playing down to their last dollar, and speaks with various scientists, including neuroscientists, who explain why poker machines are now formally recognised as an addiction alongside cocaine and heroin.”

Sydney Morning Herald ★★★1/2 stars


“Ka-Ching! Pokie Nation, produced by Neil Lawrence and Mitzi Goldman, is impressive stuff, on par with a Four Corners investigation.”

TV Tonight ★★★★ stars


“When the master at getting inside people’s heads makes a film warning you about who else has got in there, it’s time to pay attention. Neil Lawrence’s Ka-Ching! is proof that no matter how many times you play the pokies, the pokies will always play you.”

Andrew Denton